Army of Northern Virginia (monument)
General Robert E. Lee
strength: 70,100 men, 280 guns
casualties: 4,560 killed, 14,500 wounded, 5,700+ missing, 22,560 total

1st Corps
Lieutenant General James Longstreet|
strength: 20,700 men, 87 guns
casualties: 1,580 killed, 4,100 wounded, 1,980+ missing, 7,660 total

2nd Corps
Lieutenant General Richard S. Ewell
strength: 20,700 men, 78 guns
casualties: 1,270 killed, 3,680 wounded, 1,650+ missing, 6,600 total

3rd Corps
Lieutenant General Ambrose P. Hill
strength: 22,100 men, 84 guns
casualties: 1,660 killed, 4,470 wounded, 1,870+ missing, 8,000 total

Cavalry Division
Major General J. E. B. Stuart
strength: 6,600 men, 31 guns
casualties: 40 killed, 111 wounded, 135 missing, 286 total

Colonel Robert H. Chilton, Chief of Staff
Colonel Armistead L. Long, Military Secretary
Colonel Charles Marshall, Assistant Military Secretary & Aide de camp
Colonel Walter Taylor, Assistan Adjutant General and Aide de camp
Colonel Charles H. Venable, Assistant Inspector General and Aide de camp
Colonel H.L. Peyton, Assistant Inspector General
Brigadier General William Nelson Pendleton, Chief of Artillery
Colonel Briscoe G. Baldwin, Ordnance
Colonel William Proctor Smith, Chief Engineer
Colonel James L. Corley, Quartermaster
Colonel Robert G. Cole, Commissary of Substance
Surgeon Lafayette Guild, Medical Director