Confederate Artillery Batteries

“Graham’s Battery”

The marker for the Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery is east of Gettysburg on Benner’s Hill. (Tour map: Benner’s Hill)

The battery was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Captain Archibald Graham.

Marker for the 1st Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery of the Army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg

From the marker:

Army of Northern Virginia 
Ewell’s Corps Artillery Reserve
Dance’s Battalion Graham’s Battery
Rockbridge Artillery
Four 20 Pounder Parrotts

July 1. The Battery arrived on the field too late to participate in the engagement of the day. Was ordered to report to Lieut. Colonel H. P Jones commanding Artillery Early’s Division and moved into position on the left to the south and east of town.

July 2. Remained in position on the left firing occasionally.

July 3. Remained in position during the day and rejoined the Battalion during the night.

July 4. Took up line of march to Hagerstown.

Ammunition expended 439 rounds. Losses not reported in detail.

Marker for the 1st Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery on the Gettysburg battlefield

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