In 1895 the War Department took over administration of the Gettysburg battlefield and started an improvement program that included laying out avenues, building observation towers, and setting up headquarters tablets. It was felt that for the battle to be understood the story told by the large number of Union monuments on the battlefield needed to be balanced with the role of the Confederates. Part of this program was the placement of a series of iron markers that showed the locations and activities of the 65 Confederate artillery batteries at Gettysburg.

The batteries were often known by a name as well as by their commander, so they are listed here both ways whenever possible, with listings also sorted by state. A master list of all Confederate artillery battery names for the Eastern Theater is on

Each Confederate artillery battery was assigned to an artillery battalion, which was the equivalent to a Union artillery brigade. One artillery battalion was assigned to each Confederate infantry division, and two battalions were assigned to each of the three Confederate corps as artillery reserves. Unlike the Union army, there was no artillery reserve at the army level; all Confederate artillery was under corps or division control.

This page alphabetically lists Confederate batteries at Gettysburg by name.

See Confederate batteries at Gettysburg listed by state here.

Batteries Listed by name

Albemarle Artillery (Wyatt’s Battery)
Alleghany Artillery (Carpenter’s Battery)
Amherst Artillery (Kirkpatrick’s Battery)
Ashland Artillery (Woolfolk’s Battery)
Bedford Artillery (Jordan’s Battery)
Blount’s Battery
Branch Artillery (Latham’s Battery)
Breathed’s Battery
Brooke’s Battery
Brooks Artillery (Rhett’s Battery)
Charlotte Artillery (Graham’s Battery)
Charlottesville Artillery (Carrington’s Battery)
Chesapeake Artillery (Brown’s Battery)
Courtney Artillery (Tanner’s Battery)
Crenshaw’s’ Battery
Danville (Rice’s Battery)
Donaldsonville (Maurin’s Battery)
Fauquier Artillery (Stribling’s Battery)
Fluvanna Artillery (Massie’s Battery)
Fredericksburg (Marye’s Battery)
Georgia Artillery (Milledge’s Battery)
German Artillery (Bachman’s Battery)
Hampden Artilery (Caskie’s Battery)
Hardaway Artillery (Hurt’s Battery)
Huger Artillery (Moore’s Battery)
Jackson’s Battery
Jeff Davis (Reese’s Battery)
Johnson’s Battery
King William (W. P. Carter’s Battery)
Louisiana Guard Artillery (Green’s Battery)
Lee Battery (Raines’s Battery)
Letcher Artillery (Brander’s Battery)
Lewis Artillery (Lewis’s Battery)
Madison (Louisiana) Artillery (Moody’s Battery)
Madison (Mississippi) Light Artillery (Ward’s Battery)
McGregor’s Battery
Maryland 1st Battery (Dement’s Battery)
Miller’s Battery
Morris Artillery (Page’s Battery)
1st North Carolina Artillery (Manly’s Battery)
Norfolk Light Artillery Blues (Grandy’s Battery)
Orange Artillery (Fry’s Battery)
Palmetto Artilery (Garden’s Battery)
Parker’s Battery
Pee Dee Artillery (Zimmerman’s Battery)
Powhatan Artillery (Cunningham’s Battery)
Pulaski Artillery (Fraser’s Battery)
Purcell Artillery (McGraw’s Battery)
1st Richmond Howitzers (McCarthy’s Battery)
2nd Richmond Howitzers (Watson’s Battery)
3rd Richmond Howitzers (Smith’s Battery)
Richmond Fayette Artillery (Macon’s Battery)
1st Rockbridge Artillery (Graham’s Battery)
2nd Rockbridge Artillery (Wallace’s Battery)
Rowan Artillery (Reilly’s Battery)
Salem (Hupp’s/Griffin’s Battery)
Staunton (Garber’s Battery)
Sumter Artillery, Company A (Ross’s Battery)
Sumter Artillery, Company B (Patterson’s Battery)
Sumter Artillery, Battery C (Wingfield’s Battery)
Taylor’s Battery
Troup Artillery (Carlton’s Battery)
Washington Artillery, Company A (Squires’s Battery)
Washington Artillery, Company B, (Richardson’s Battery)
Washington Artillery, Company C, (Miller’s Battery)
Washington Artillery, Company D (Norcom’s Battery)