Confederate Artillery Batteries

“Cunningham’s Battery”

The marker for the Powhatan Artillery is on the west side of Gettysburg on Seminary Avenue. (Tour map: Seminary Avenue) The battery was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Lieutenant John Cunningham.


From the marker:

Army of Northern Virginia 
Ewell’s Corps Artillery Reserve
Dance’s Battalion Cunningham’s Battery
The Powhatan Artillery
Four 3 Inch Rifles


July 1. Reached the field in evening too late to take part in the battle.

July 2. Early in morning took position here. Opened fire about 4 P M. upon the batteries on Cemetery Hill and continued firing until dark.

July 3. Remained here all day. Took part in the great cannonade preceding Longstreet’s final assault. At night withdrew to camp in rear.

July 4. After nightfall began the march to Hagerstown.


Ammunition expended 308 rounds. Losses not reported in detail.