The Battle of Gettysburg took place around the buildings and across the fields and orchards of the Gettysburg battlefield farms. Trostle and Codori and Bliss are not just places on a map, but families whose lives changed when the Civil War’s bloodiest battle came into their homes. Many of these buildings can still be seen today, and a number have been restored to their 1863 appearance. The interiors of most buildings are not normally open to the public, but many can be toured on special occasions.

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Map of battlefield farms and other important buildings on the Gettysburg battlefield

Battlefield Farms
Bliss • Brian (Bryan) • Bushman Codori • Hummelbaugh • Klingle • Leister (Meade’s HQ) • McLean • McMillan • McPherson • Rogers • Rose • Rummel  • Sherfy • Slyder • Snyder • Taney • Thompson (Lee’s HQ) • Trostle • George Weickert • WentzWarfield

Other Buildings
Black Horse Tavern • Cashtown Inn • McAllister’s Mill • The Seminary