Union monuments at Gettysburg

Maryland provided over 42,000 men to the Union in the Civil War. Almost 2,000 fought for the Union at Gettysburg. They were organized into three infantry regiments, a cavalry regiment, an independent cavalry company, and an artillery battery. (see the States at Gettysburg) Each of these units has a monument on the battlefield.

Maryland was a slave state that also provided several Confederate units, some of whom served at Gettysburg. There is a monument to the Second Maryland Infantry (CSA) on Culp’s Hill.

The State of Maryland monument honors the men of Maryland from both sides.

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State of Maryland monument at Gettysburg State of Maryland  Purnell Legion monument at Gettysburg Purnell Legion Cavalry
Monument to the 1st Maryland Cavalry at Gettysburg 1st Cavalry Monument to the 1st Maryland Potomac Home Brigade at Gettysburg 1st Potomac Home Brigade Infantry
Monument to the 1st Maryland battery at Gettysburg Battery A 3rd Maryland Infantry monument at Gettysburg 3rd Infantry
Monument to the 1st Maryland Regiment Eastern Shore 1st Eastern Shore Infantry