During the first decade of the 1900s the War Department decided that a better understanding of the battle needed to be presented to the park visitor. Many monuments told the experiences of Union regiments and batteries, but the Confederate story of the battle was almost unheard. Tablets were placed in appropriate locations for Confederate commands including the headquarters of the Army of Northern Virginia and the headquarters of its 3 army corps, 9 infantry and 1 cavalry divisions, 39 infantry and 7 cavalry brigades and 16 artillery battalions.

Each type of headquarters monument has a unique design. Learn how to identify these markers, and tell Union from Confederate.

Army of Northern Virginia

Longstreet’s 1st Corps

McLaws’ Division

Barksdale’s Brigade, Kershaw’s BrigadeSemmes’ BrigadeWofford’s Brigade,  Cabell’s Artillery Battalion

Hood’s Division

Anderson’s BrigadeBenning’s BrigadeLaw’s BrigadeRobertson’s Brigade, Henry’s Artillery Battalion

Pickett’s Division

Armistead’s Brigade, Garnett’s Brigade, Kemper’s Brigade, Dearing’s Artillery Battalion

1st Corps Artillery Reserve (no monument)

Alexander’s Artillery Battalion, Eschelman’s Artillery Battalion

Ewell’s 2nd Corps

 Early’s Division

Gordon’s Brigade, Hays’s BrigadeHoke’s BrigadeSmith’s BrigadeJones’ Artillery Battalion

Johnson’s Division

Jones’ BrigadeNicholls’ BrigadeSteuart’s Brigade, Walker’s Brigade, Latimer’s Artillery Battalion

Rodes’ Division

Daniel’s BrigadeDoles’ BrigadeIverson’s BrigadeO’Neal’s BrigadeRamseur’s BrigadeCarter’s Artillery Battalion

2nd Corps Artillery Reserve (no monument)

Dance’s Artillery BattalionNelson’s Artillery Battalion

Hill’s 3rd Corps

Anderson’s Division

Mahone’s BrigadePerry’s BrigadePosey’s BrigadeWilcox’s BrigadeWright’s BrigadeLane’s Artillery Battalion

Heth’s Division

Archer’s BrigadeBrockenbrough’s BrigadeDavis’ BrigadePettigrew’s BrigadeGarnett’s Artillery Battalion

Pender’s Division

Lane’s BrigadePerrin’s Brigade, Scales’s BrigadeThomas’s Brigade, Poague’s Artillery Battalion

3rd Corps Artillery Reserve (no monument)

McIntosh’s Artillery Battalion, Pegram’s Artillery Battalion

Stuart’s Cavalry Division

Hampton’s Brigade, Jenkins’ Brigade, Jones’ Brigade, Fitz Lee’s Brigade, W.H.F. Lee’s (Chambliss’) Brigade, Robertson’s Brigade, Imboden’s Brigade, Stuart Horse Artillery