Confederate Headquarters – Longstreet’s First Corps 

The monument to Alexander’s Battalion is southwest of Gettysburg on West Confederate Avenue. (West Confederate Avenue – Part 5 tour map) It was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Colonel Edward Porter Alexander.

The monument to Alexander's Battalion of the Army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg

From the monument:

C. S. A.
Army of Northern Virginia
Longstreet’s Corps Artillery Reserve
Alexander’s Battalion
Woolfolk’s Jordan’s Parker’s Taylor’s Moody’s Rhett’s Batteries

Two 20 Pounder Parrotts One 10 Pounder Parrott
Seven 3 Inch Rifles Six Napoleons
Four 24 Pounder Howitzers Four 12 Pounder Howitzers

July 2. Came into position on this line about 4 P. M. Advanced soon after with the infantry and occupied a line on the crest near the Peach Orchard.

July 3. In the line on ridge from Peach Orchard to N. E. corner of Spangler’s Woods. Aided in the cannonade and supported Longstreet’s assault.

July 4. In position here until 4 P. M. Then withdrew to Marsh Creek on Fairfield Road.

Losses Killed 19 Wounded 114 Missing 6
Horses killed or disabled 116.

Colonel (later Brigadier General) E. Porter Alexander

Colonel (later Brigadier General) E. Porter Alexander