Explore the Gettysburg battlefield to find the hundreds of monuments, markers and important buildings that are featured on this website. This main map links to over 50 local maps that show monument locations in relation to roads, battlefield farms and terrain features. Links on each of the local maps take you to the page for each individual monument, marker or farm. Other links connect you to neighboring maps and allow you to move around the battlefield in a virtual tour.

Main tour map of the Gettysburg battlefield

Explore the Gettysburg battlefield by clicking on a tour area to zoom in, choosing from the map above or the menu below:

North battlefield Area
Central battlefield Area
South battlefield Area
East Cavalry Field Area

Links to monuments, markers and buildings outside the main battlefield area but nearby:

Black Horse Tavern
First Shot Marker
16th Pennsylvania Cavalry monument

Links to areas beyond the immediate Gettysburg battlefield but important to the battle:

Frederick (Meade Takes Command)