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The monument to Dearing’s Artillery Battalion is southwest of Gettysburg on West Confederate Avenue. (West Confederate Avenue – Pt. 4 tour map)

Monument to Dearing's Artillery Battalion at Gettybsurg

From the monument

C. S. A.
Army of Northern Virginia
Longstreet’s Corps Pickett’s Division
Dearing’s Battalion
Stribling’s Caskie’s Macon’s Blount’s Batteries
Two 20 Pounder Parrotts
Three 10 Pounder Parrotts
One 3 Inch Rifle
Twelve Napoleons

July 3. Advanced to the front about daybreak and took a conspicuous part in the battle. In the cannonade preceding Longstreet’s assault it fired by battery and very effectively. Having exhausted its ammunition and being unable to obtain a fresh supply it was withdrawn from the field about 4 P. M.

July 4. In line of battle all day with McLaws’s Division. Marched at sunset to Black Horse Tavern.

Losses Killed 8 Wounded 17 Total 25 Horses killed and disabled 37

About James Dearing

The battalion was commanded by Major James Dearing. a Virginian who resigned from West Point just before he would have graduated in 1861 due to Virginia’s secession.

Confederate Major (later Brigadier General) James Dearing

Confederate Major (later Brigadier General) James Dearing

Location of the monument to Dearing’s Battalion

The monument is southwest of Gettysburg on the east side of West Confederate Avenue, which is one way southbound. It is just beyond the entrance drive to the amphitheater parking area.