Confederate Headquarters Markers

The monument to the Army of Northern Virginia is on West Confederate Avenue near the State of Virginia monument. (West Confederate Avenue – Part 3 tour map)

A Headquarters Marker for the Army of Northern Virginia is on the on the west side of Gettysburg on Seminary Ridge, south of Chambersburg Road (US30). (Seminary Avenue tour map)

Monument to the Army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg

From the monument:

Army of Northern Virginia 
General Robert E. Lee Commanding

The Army Consisted of Three Army Corps
First Army Corps Lieutenant General James Longstreet
Second Army Corps Lieutenant General Richard S. Ewell
Third Army Corps Lieutenant General Ambrose P. Hill
Cavalry Division Major General J. E. B. Stuart

July 1. Heth’s and Pender’s Divisions Hill’s Corps reached the field about 1 P. M. and were soon engaged on the north and west of town with the First and Eleventh Corps of the Army of the Potomac. Johnson’s Division Ewell’s Corps and Anderson’s Division Hill’s Corps reaching the field about dark were not engaged Longstreet’s Corps on the march.Stuart’s Cavalry Division marching from Dover to Carlisle.

July 2. McLaw’s and Hood’s Divisions Longstreet’s Corps took the field about 3 P. M. and formed facing the Union left. An assault was made by the two divisions assisted by Anderson’s Division Hill’s Corps. The Union troops were dislodged from Emmitsburg Road and Peach Orchard engagement lasting until night losses heavy. Pickett’s Division Longstreet’s Corps on the march. Johnson’s Division Ewell’s Corps about dusk advanced to the assault of Culp’s Hill in connection with Early’s Division Ewell’s CorpsRodes’ Division Ewell’s Corps held position west of town not engaged. Heth’s and Pender’s Divisions Hill’s Corps occupied Seminary Ridge facing Union line not engaged. Stuart’s Cavalry on left flank of Confederate Army.

July 3. Pickett’s Division Longstreet’s Corps reached the field in the morning. Assaulted the Union line on Cemetery Ridge about 3 P. M. assisted by Hill’s Corps. The assault failed with great loss. An attack made on the left by Johnson’s Division Ewell’s Corpsreinforced by three brigades of the Corps failed.Stuart’s Cavalry Division engaged with 2d Union Cavalry Division and 2d Brigade 3d Cavalry Division on the Confederate left about 1 P. M.

July 4. The Army took up the line of march during the night.

Monument to the Headquarters of the Army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg The Headquarters marker consists of a heavy 12-pounder set into a granite base, with a bronze tablet on the front. It was erected by the Gettysburg National Military Park Commission in 1920.

From the marker:

In this field was located
head quarters of the Army
of Northern Virginia
July 1 2 3 4 1863.

“My Head Quarters were in tents in an apple orchard back of the Seminary along the Chambersburg Pike” Robt. E. Lee