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The next section of West Confederate Avenue turns south at Pitzer’s Woods, passing the parking area for the Amphitheater (where summer campfire programs are held) and General Longstreet’s statue, then crossing Millerstown Road before reaching the parking area for the observation tower. It is part of the National Park Auto Tour, and is one way southbound.

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Tour map of West Confederate Avenue Part 4 on the Gettysburg battlefield

state monuments
State of Louisiana
 • State of Mississippi

monument to an individual
James Longstreet

Barksdale’s Brigade, McLaws’ Division, 1st Corps
 • Wofford’s Brigade, McLaws’ Division, 1st Corps • Dearing’s Artillery Battalion, Pickett’s Division, 1st Corps • Eschleman’s Artillery Battalion, 1st Corps Artillery Reserve

Confederate artillery markers
Blount’s Battery
 • Brooks Artillery • Faquier Artillery • Hampden Artillery • Madison Light Artillery • Miller’s Battery • Norcom’s Battery • Patterson’s Battery • Richardson’s Battery • Richmond Fayette Artillery • Squires Battery

battlefield terrain feature
Pitzer Woods