Confederate Artillery Batteries

“Company B, Washington Artillery”

The marker for Richardson’s Battery is on southwest of Gettysburg on West Confederate Avenue. (Tour map: West Confederate Avenue – Part 4)

The battery was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Captain John B. Richardson.

Marker for Richardson's (Louisiana) Battery on the Gettysburg battlefield

From the marker:

Army of Northern Virginia 
Longstreet’s Corps Artillery Reserve
Eshleman’s Battalion Richardson’s Battery
Two Napoleons
One 12 Pounder Howitzer

July 3. The Napoleons took position before daylight north of the Peach Orchard but moved at dawn further northward and West of Emmitsburg Road. A Union 3 inch rifle left the day before between the lines was brought in under a heavy fire of skirmishers and served with this Battery which took part in the cannonade preceding Longstreet’s assault. After the repulse of that assault was joined by the Howitzer and made preparations to assist in repelling a countercharge if attempted. Withdrew from the front after dark.

July 4. At 9 A. M. marched with the Battalion to Cashtown to reinforce the Cavalry escorting the wagon train.

Losses not reported in detail.