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The monument to Perrin’s Brigade is southwest of Gettysburg on the west side of West Confederate Avenue. (West Confederate Avenue – Pt. 2 tour map) The brigade was commanded by Colonel Abner Perrin, a South Carolina lawyer and Mexican War veteran.

The brigade was under Perrin’s command as senior colonel while its assigned commander, Brigadier General Samuel McGowan, recovered from a wound from the Battle of Chancellorsville. The brigade is often (and properly) called “McGowan’s Brigade.”

There is a monument to McGowan’s Brigade at the Bloody Angle on the Spotsylvania battlefield.

Monument to Perrin's Brigade of Pender's Division of Hill's 3rd Corps of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia on the Gettysburg battlefield

Monument to Perrin’s Brigade

From the monument:

C. S. A.
Army of Northern Virginia
Hills Corps Pender’s Division
Perrin’s Brigade
1st Rifles 12th 13th 14th Regiments
and 1st Provisional South Carolina Infantry

July 1. Crossed Willoughby Run about 3.30 P. M. with its left in Reynolds Woods and advancing relieved Heth’s line. Took a prominent part in the struggle by which the Union forces were dislodged from Seminary Ridge and pursuing them into town captured many prisoners. The Rifle Regiment was on duty as train guard and not in the battle of this day.

July 2. Supported artillery south of Fairfield Road. At 6 P. M. advanced a battalion of Sharpshooters which skirmished with Union outposts until dark. At 10 P. M. took position on Ramseur’s right in the Long Lane leading from the town to the Bliss House and Barn.

July 3. In the same position and constantly engaged in skirmishing.

July 4. After night withdrew and began the march to Hagerstown.

Present about 1600 Killed 100 Wounded 477 Total 577

Confederate Colonel (later Brigadier General) Abner Perrin

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