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After passing McMillan House West Confederate Avenue bends southwest, following the crest of Seminary Ridge. The Avenue is one way south bound, and is part of the National Park Auto Tour. This was where A.P. Hill’s Third Corps formed for the attacks on the 2nd and 3rd day of the battle. Monuments to the artillery are on the east side of the Avenue, while infantry monuments are on the west.

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Tour map of West Confederate Avenue (Part 2) on the Gettysburg battlefield

state monuments
State of North Carolina
 • State of Tennessee

3rd Corps
 • A.P. Hill’s Headquarters • Heth’s Division, 3rd Corps • Pender’s Division, 3rd Corps• Archer’s Brigade, Heth’s Division, 3rd Corps • Brockenbrough’s Brigade, Heth’s Division, 3rd Corps • Davis’ Brigade, Heth’s Division, 3rd Corps • Lane’s Brigade, Pender’s Division, 3rd Corps • Perrin’s Brigadee, Pender’s Division, 3rd Corps • Pettigrew’s Brigade, Heth’s Division, 3rd Corps • Mahone’s Brigade, Anderson’s Division, 3rd Corps • Scales’ Brigade, Pender’s Division, 3rd Corps • Thomas’ Brigade, Pender’s Division, 3rd Corps • Lane’s Artillery Battalion, Anderson’s Division, 3rd Corps • Pegram’s Artillery Battalion, 3rd Corps Artillery Reserve • Pogue’s Artillery Battalion Pender’s Division, 3rd Corps

Confederate artillery markers
Albemarle Artillery
 • Charlotte Artillery • Crenshaw’s Battery • Fredericksburg Artillery • Letcher Artillery • Norfolk Lt. Artillery Blues • Pee Dee Artillery • Purcell Artillery • Ross’s Battery • Wingfield’s Battery

regimental monument
11th Mississippi