Confederate Artillery Batteries

“Carrington’s Battery”

The marker for the Charlottesville (Virginia) Artillery is north of Gettysburg on Jones Battalion Avenue. The battery was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Captain James McDowell Carrington. (Jones Avenue tour map)

Marker for the Charlottesville (Virginia) Artillery of the Army of Northern Virginia at GettysburgFrom the marker:

Army of Northern Virginia 
Ewell’s Corps Early’s Division
Jones’ Artillery Battalion Carrington’s Battery
Charlottesville (Virginia) Artillery
Four Napoleons

July 1. Arrived on the field with Early’s Division in the afternoon. Was ordered to cross Rock Creek and move in rear of Gordon’s Brigade then advancing. Went into battery on a street in suburbs of the town and remained until near dark when ordered to a position near the railroad.

July 2. Remained near the railroad. Not engaged.

July 3. Occupied the same position. Not engaged.

July 4. Moved in the rear of Early’s Division.

Casualties not reported.
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Location of the marker

The marker is on Jones Battalion Avenue, northeast of Gettysburg off Old Harrisburg Road, Business US 15. Jones Battalion Avenue is a little over a half mile north of the Rock Creek Bridge and just south of the Lutheran Care Home. It looks like a long one lane driveway and is easy to miss, although the Jones Artillery Battalion headquarters marker stands next to it.