Confederate Artillery Batteries

“Second Battery, Stuart Horse Artillery”

The marker for McGregor’s Battery is east of Gettysburg on the East Cavalry Field. It is on the east side of Confederate Cavalry Avenue. (Tour map: East Cavalry Battlefield – north end) The battery was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Captain William M. McGregor. It brough 106 men to the field serving  two 12 pounder Napoleons and two 3″ Ordnance Rifles.

Marker to McGregor's Virginia Battery on the Gettysburg battlefield

Marker to McGregor’s Virginia Battery on the Gettysburg battlefield

From the marker:

Army of Northern Virginia
Stuart’s Horse Artillery 
Beckham’s Battalion McGregor’s Battery 
Two Napoleons and Two 3 Inch Rifles

July 3. The Battery took an active part in the fight arriving about 2 P. M. and keeping up its fire until the ample supply of ammunition furnished on its way here in the forenoon was exhausted. It withdrew from the field under orders about nightfall.

Losses Killed 5 Wounded 7 Total 12

Horses killed and disabled 11

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