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The New York State Monument is south of Gettysburg in the National Cemetery. (Monument map: National Cemetery)

About the New York State monument

The monument is made of Hallowell granite and it stands over 94 feet high. At the top is a sixteen foot high statue depicting the State of New York holding a wreath to place over a grave. Although difficult to see from the ground, the statue is weeping for the roughly 6,700 members of New York units who became casualties during the three days of Gettysburg.

At the base of the spire is a broze relief of an eagle in front of a set of banners and weapons hung with the state motto, Excelsior. It is just above the Coat of Arms of the State of New York set in laurel leaves of victory.

Circling the monument at the base of the spire are bronze reliefs of four stylized scenes invloving New York officers, the Death of Reynolds, the Wounding of Hancock (who the monument admits is from Pennsylvania), the Wounding of Sickles, and Slocum’s Council of War. The statue and bronze reliefs were created by sculptor Casper Buberl.

Around the base are brass tablets identifying the New York officers killed or mortally wounded at Gettysburg. Above the tablet on the front are the symbols of the seven Union army corps and four branches of service that fought at Gettysburg; the only monument on the battlefield to display them all.

The monument was dedicated on July 2, 1893.

State of New York monument in the National Cemetery at Gettysburg

Detail from the front of the Sate of New York monument at Gettysburg

Detail from the front of the monument showing the symbols of every corps and branch of service at Gettysburg.

From the tablet on the front of the monument

To the officers and soldiers
of the
State of New York
who fell in the
Battle of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3, 1863
many of whom are here buried
this monument is
erected by a grateful commonwealth.

Official return of casualties in the New York commands:
Killed: 82 officers, 912 enlisted men.
Wounded: 306 officers, 3763 enlisted men.
Captured or missing: 68 officers, 1685 enlisted men.

Detail from the bronze reliefs around the spire of the State of New York monument at Gettysburg

Detail from the bronze reliefs around the spire of the monument

Groups of officers portrayed on bronze reliefs

Major Genl. D. E. Sickles of N.Y. (wounded)
Brig. Genl. J. B. Carr of N.Y.
Brig. Genl. J. H. H. Ward of N.Y.
Bvt. Maj. Genl. S.K. Zook of N.Y. (killed)
Brig. Genl. R. B. Ayers of N.Y.
Brig. Genl. S. H. Weed of N.Y. (killed)
Bvt. Brig. Genl. H. E. Tremain of N.Y.

Detail from the bronze reliefs around the spire of the State of New York monument at Gettysburg

Major Genl. H.W. Slocum of N.Y.
Maj. Gen. A. Pleasonton of D.C.
Brig. Genl. J.S. Wadsworth of N.Y.
Brig. Genl. G.S. Greene of N.Y.
Brig. Gen. H. J. Hunt of O.
Brig. Genl. J.J. Bartlett of N.Y.
Brig. Genl. D.A. Russel of N.Y.
Brig. Genl. A. Shaler of N.Y.
Col. H.A. Barnum of N.Y.

Detail from the bronze reliefs around the spire of the State of New York monument at Gettysburg

Maj. Genl. J.F. Reynolds
 of Pa. (killed)
Maj. Genl. A. Doubleday of N.Y. (wounded)
Brig. Genl. A. Von Steinwehr of N.Y.
Brig. Genl. F.C. Barlow of N.Y. (wounded)
Col. F.C. Devin of N.Y.

Detail from the bronze reliefs around the spire of the State of New York monument at Gettysburg

Maj. Genl. W.S. Hancock of Pa. (wounded)
Maj. Genl. D. Butterfield of N.Y. (wounded)
Maj. Genl. G. K. Warren of N.Y. (wounded)
Brig. Genl. J. Kilpatrick of N.Y.
Brig. Genl. A.S. Webb of N.Y. (wounded)

From the tablet on the rear of the monument

Officers from the State of New York
in United States Service
who were killed or mortally wounded at Gettysburg
July 1, 2, 3, 1863

General Officers
Bvt. Major Genl. Samuel K. Zook
Brig. Genl. Stephen H. Weed

8th N.Y. Cavalry
Capt. Charles D. Follett
2nd N.Y. Battery
Lieut. F.J.T. Blume
14th N.Y. Battery
Capt. James McKay Rorty
3rd U.S. Artillery
Lieut. Manning Livingston
4th U.S. Artillery
Lieut. Alonzo H. Cushing, Lieut. Bayard Wilkeson;
11th U.S. Infantry 
Lieut. Amaziah J. Barber
12th U.S. Infantry
Lieut. Silas A. Miller
39th N.Y. Infantry
Lieut. Theordore Pausch, Lieut. Adolph Wagner
40th N.Y. Infantry
Lieut. William H.H, Johnson
41st N.Y. Infantry
Lieut. Rhinehold Winzer
43rd N.Y. Infantry
Capt. William H. Gilfillan
44th N.Y. Infantry
Capt. Lucius S. Larrabee, Lieut. Eugene L. Dunham, Lieut. Benjamin N. Thomas
52nd N.Y. Infantry
Major Edward Venuti
58th N.Y. Infantry
Capt. Gustave Stoldt, Capt. Edward Antonieski,
Lieut. Louis Deitrich
59th N.Y. Infantry
Lt. Colonel Max A. Thoman, Lieut. William H. Pohlman
60th N.Y. Infantry
Lieut. Myron D. Stanley
61st N.Y. Infantry
Lieut. Franklin K. Garland
64th N.Y. Infantry
Capt. Henry V. Fuller, Lieut. Alfred H. Lewis,
Lieut. Willis C. Babcock, Lieut. Ira S. Thurber
66th N.Y. Infantry
Capt. George H. Inge, Capt. Elijah F. Munn
68th N.Y. Infantry
Capt. Otto Friedrich
71st N.Y. Infantry
Lieut. Andrew W. Estes
72nd N.Y. Infantry
Lieut. Charles A. Foss
73rd N.Y. Infantry
Capt. Eugene C. Shine, Lieut. Wiliam L. Herbert,
Lieut. James Marksman, Lieut. George P. Dennen,
Lieut. Martin E. Higgins
74th N.Y. Infantry
Capt. William H. Chester
76th N.Y. Infantry
Major Andrew J. Grover, Capt. Robert B. Everett, Capt. Robert Story, Lieut. Philip Keeler, Lieut. Robert C. Noxon
80th N.Y. Infantry
Capt. Joseph S. Corbin, Capt. Ambrose N. Baldwin, Lieut. George W. Brankstone
82nd N.Y. Infantry
Lt. Colonel James Huston, Capt. Jonah C. Hoyt,
Lieut. John H. McDonald, Lieut. John Cranston
83rd N.Y. Infantry
Capt. Thomas W. Quirk, Lieut. Charles A. Clark
86th N.Y. Infantry
Capt. John N. Warner
88th N.Y. Infantry
Lieut. William McClelland
97th N.Y. Infantry
Lieut. Rush P. Cady, Lieut. William J. Morrin,
Lieut. James H. Styles
102nd N.Y. Infantry
Capt. John Mead, Lieut. Josiah V. Upham
104th N.Y. Infantry
Lieut. Thomas Johnston
108th N.Y. Infantry
Lieut. Carl V. Amiet, Lieut. Dayton T. Card,
Lieut. Robert Evans
111th N.Y. Infantry
Lieut. John H. Drake, Lieut. Augustus W. Proseus,
Lieut Erastus M. Granger
119th N.Y. Infantry
Capt. Otto Trumpelman, Lieut. Emil Frost,
Lieut. Matthias Roseman
120th N.Y. Infantry
Capt. Ayres C. Barker, Capt. Lansing Hollister,
Lieut. Michael E. Creighton, Lieut. Jason Carle, Lieut. William J. Cockburn, Lieut. John R. Burhans, Lieut. Frederick Freelewick, Lieut. Edward H. Ketchum
123rd N.Y. Infantry
Capt. Norman F. Weer
124th N.Y. Infantry
Colonel A. Van Horn Ellis, Major James Cromwell,
Capt. Isaac Nichols, Lieut. J. Milnor Brown
125th N.Y. Infantry
Colonel George L. Willard, Capt. Ephraim Wood
126th N.Y. Infantry
Colonel Eliakim Sherrill, Capt. Isaac Shimer, Capt. Orin J. Herendeen, Capt. Charles M. Wheeler, Lieut. Jacob Sherman, Lieut. Rufus P. Holmes
134th N.Y. Infantry
Lieut. Henry I. Palmer, Lieut. Lucius Mead
137th N.Y. Infantry
Capt. Oscar C. Williams, Capt. Joseph H. Gregg,
Lieut. John H. Van Emburgh, Lieut. Henry C. Hellett
140th N.Y. Infantry
Colonel Patrick H. O’Rorke, Lieut. Charles P. Klein,
Lieut. Hugh McGraw
147th N.Y. Infantry
Lieut. William P. Schenck, Lieut. David C. Van Dusen, Lieut. Sylvester J. Taylor, Lieut. Guilford D. Mace,
Lieut. Daniel McAssy
157th N.Y. Infantry
Lieut. Colonel George Arrowsmith, Capt. Jason K. Backus, Capt. Harrison Frank, Capt. George A. Adams, Lieut. Joseph F. Henry, Lieut. Randall D. Lower
1st U.S. Sharpshooters
Capt. Charles D. McLean

Location of the New York State monument at Gettysburg

The New York State monument is southeast of Gettysburg in the National Cemetery. It is on the northeastern side of the cemetery about 110 yards from the Baltimore Street gate.