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“9th Regiment New York State Militia”

“Conkling Rifles”

The monument to the 97th New York Infantry Regiment is west of Gettysburg on Doubleday Avenue. (Doubleday – Robinson Avenues tour map) It was dedicated by the State of New York in 1889.

Monument to the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment at Gettysburg

The monument is topped with a circle, the symbol of the Union First Army Corps, around the regimental number, and includes a bronze inset of the Seal of the State of New York on its front.

The 97th New York was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Colonel Charles Wheelock. He was wounded and captured on July 1st, and Major Charles B. Northrup then took command. The 97th brought 255 men to the field.

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See Colonel Charles Wheelock’s Official Report on the 97th New York at Gettysburg
1st Corps Headquarters Flag 1C-2D

Monument to the 97th New York Infantry at Gettysburg

From the front of the monument:

97th New York Infantry.

2d Brigade, 2d Division, 1st Corps

From the right side of the monument:

(Conkling Rifles)
Organized and commanded by Col. Chas. Wheelock
of Booneville, N.Y.

From the left side of the monument:

July 2d and 3d
Engaged on Cemetery Hill and at Ziegler’s Grove

Killed 12, Wounded 36, Missing 78

From the rear of the monument:

Held the enemy in check here from 12:30 to 3, p.m. July 1st 1863  during this time charged across the field to the west assisting in capturing  Iverson’s Brigade and securing flag of 20th N.C.

Location of the monument to the 97th New York Infantry at Gettysburg

The monument to the 97th New York is northwest of Gettysburg on the west side of Doubleday Avenue about 200 yards south of the observation tower. (39°50’34.6″N 77°14’32.2″W)

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