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The monument to the 59th New York Infantry Regiment is south of Gettysburg on Hancock Avenue. (Hancock Avenue Part 3 tour map)

Monument to the 59th New York Volunteer Infantry on the Gettysburg battlefield

The view of the 59th New York monument looks west across the fields where the Confederates attacked on July 2 and 3. The Codori farm is to the right of the monument. Just below the Codori Barn is the marker for Wright’s Georgia Brigade, who advanced to this position on July 2.

About the monument

The granite monument is 11’ high, capped with a pyramid with the trefoil symbol of the Second Corps at the top. A round brass tablet with the seal of the State of New York is inset near the top front, and a brass arrangement of cartridge box and bayonet over crossed laurel branches is near the base. The monument was dedicated on July 8th, 1889 by the State of New York.

The 59th New York at Gettysburg

Lieutenant Colonel Max Thoman, a liquor salesman from New York City, commanded the 59th at the Battle of Gettysburg. He was mortally wounded on July 3rd and died on July 11. Captain William McFadden took command when Colonel Thoman fell.

The 59th New York brought 182 men to the field. It had just consolidated to a battalion of four companies in June due to previous losses. It is also honored by a monument at Antietam.

The Medal of honor as it looked at the time of the Civil War Sergeant James Wiley of Company B was awarded the Medal of Honor for capturing the flag of a Georgia regiment on July 3rd.
2nd Corps Headquarters Flag 2C-2D
Text from the front of the monument:

59th New York Infantry.
3d Brigade, 2d Div. 2d Corps

From the rear:

Four companies of this regiment held this position July 2 and 3, 1863, where Max A. Thoman, Lieut. Colonel in command, fell mortally wounded. Casualties: killed 6, wounded 28.

Detail from the side of the monument to the 59th New York Infantry at Gettysburg

Detail from the side of the monument

From the right side of the monument:

Mustered in July 4, 1861.
Participated in 23 engagements.
Mustered out June 30, 1865.

From the left side:

W.L. Tidball,
M.A. Thoman,
H.P. Rugg,
W.A. Olmstead.

Location of the monument

The monument to the 59th New York Infantry is south of Gettysburg about 65 yards west of Hancock Avenue and 50 yards southwest of the Copse of Trees. (39°48’43.4″N 77°14’10.5″W)

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