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Hancock Avenue continues one-way north from Pleasonton Avenue to the Copse of Trees is the High Water Mark, Monuments are thick here, where Pickett’s Charge was halted in brutal hand-to-hand fighting.

This can be one of the most crowded areas of the park, particularly in the afternoons when tour busses cluster thickly and lines of cars listening to in-car tours try to find a place to stop out of the traffic flow.

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Tour map of Hancock Avenue Part 3 on the Gettysburg battlefield

Confederate headquarters
3rd Corps, Anderson’s Division, Wright’s Brigade

Union headquarters
2nd Corps, 2nd Division

2nd Corps, 2nd Division, 1st Brigade
2nd Corps, 2nd Division, 3rd Brigade

monument to an individual
John Gibbon

state and national monuments
State of Vermont

United States Regulars

Union regimental and battery monuments
19th Maine

15th Massachusetts
19th Massachusetts
20th Massachusetts
7th Michigan
1st Minnesota
1st New York Independent Battery
1st New York, Battery B
42nd New York
59th New York
80th New York
82nd New York
121st Pennsylvania
143rd Pennsylvania
149th Pennsylvania
Rhode Island Battery B
5th United States Artillery, Battery C
13th Vermont

other monuments
The High Water Mark of the Confederacy

battlefield terrain feature
The Copse of Trees