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The monument to the United States Regulars is south of Gettysburg on Hancock Avenue. (Hancock Avenue Part 3 tour map)

The 85 foot high monument was carved from Mount Airy granite by sculptor Karl Bitter. Four large bronze plaques are set into each side of the lowest level of the monument. It was dedicated on May 30, 1909.

Monument to the United States Regulars at Gettysburg

Monument to the United States Regulars at Gettysburg

From the monument

Erected by the Congress to commemorate the services of that portion of the Army of the Potomac composed of cavalry, artillery, infantry and engineers of the Regular Army of the United States in the Gettysburg Campaign June-July 1863

The artillery consisting of 26 batteries was distributed over the field among the several army corps and placed in position where their services were most needed; Brigadier General Henry Hunt, Chief of Artillery

Four regiments of cavalry under Brigadier General Wesley Merritt took position on the right flank of the Confederate line of battle.

Eleven regiments of infantry were on the field; Ten with the Second Division, Fifth Corps and one at Headquarters Army of the Potomac.

Battalion of U.S. Engineers, Captain George H. Mendell commanding

Casualties: killed 12 officers, 159 enlisted men; wounded 62 officers 661 enlisted men; missing 6 officers 275 enlisted men

United States Cavalry

Reserve Brigade, Brig. General Wesley Merritt
1st Regiment, Captain Richard S.C. Lord commanding
2nd Regiment, Captain Theophilus F. Rodenbough commanding
5th Regiment, Captain Julius W. Mason commanding
6th Regiment, Major Samuel H. Starr, Lieut. Louis H. Carpenter, Lieut. Nicholas Nolan, Captain Ira W. Clafin commanding

United States Infantry

Fifth Army Corps, Second Division, Brig. General Romeyn B. Ayres commanding
First Brigade, Colonel Hannibal Day
3d Regiment, Captain Henry W. Freedley, commanding
4th Regiment, Captain Julis Adams, Jr., commanding
6th Regiment, Captain Levi C. Bootes, commanding
12th Regiment, Captain Thomas S. Dunn, commanding
14th Regiment, Major Grotius R. Giddings, commanding
Second Brigade, Colonel Sidney Burbank
2nd Regiment, Major Arthur T. Lee, commanding
7th Regiment, Captain David P. Hancock, commanding
10th Regiment, Captain William Clinton, commanding
11th Regiment, Major DeLancey Floyd Jones, commanding
17th Regiment, Lieut.-Colonel J. Durell Greene, commanding
8th Regiment, Captain Edwin W. H. Read at Army of the Potomac Headquarters

United States Artillery

Batteries E&G, 1st Regiment, Captain Alanson M. Randol
Battery H, 1st Regiment, Lieut.Chandler P. Eakin
Battery I, 1st Regiment, Lieut. George A. Woodruff
Battery K, 1st Regiment, Captain William M. Graham
Battery A, 2nd Regiment, Lieut. John H. Calef
Batteries B&L, 2nd Regiment, Lieut. Edward Heaton
Battery D, 2nd Regiment, Lieut. Edward B. Willison
Battery G, 2nd Regiment, Lieut. John H. Butler
Battery M, 2nd Regiment, Lieut. A. C. M. Pennington, Jr.
Battery C, 3d Regiment, Lieut. William D. Fuller
Batteries F&K, 3d Regiment, Lieut. John C. Turnbull
Battery A, 4th Regiment, Lieut. Alonzo H. Cushing
Battery B, 4th Regiment, Lieut. James Stewart
Battery C, 4th Regiment, Lieut. Evan Thomas
Battery E, 4th Regiment, Lieut. Samuel S. Elder
Battery F, 4th Regiment, Lieut. Sylvanus T. Rugg
Battery G, 4th Regiment, Lieut. Bayard Wilkeson, Lieut. Eugene A. Bancroft
Battery K, 4th Regiment, Lieut. Francis W. Seeley, Lieut. Robert James
Battery C, 5th Regiment, Lieut. Julian V. Weir
Battery D, 5th Regiment, Lieut. Charles E. Hazlett, Lieut. B. F. Rittenhouse
Battery F, 5th Regiment, Lieut. Leonard Martin
Battery I, 5th Regiment, Lieut. Malbone F. Watson, Lieut. C. C. McConnell
Battery K, 5th Regiment, Lieut. David H. Kinzie

Location of the monument to the United States Regulars at Gettysburg

The monument is south of Gettysburg on the west side of Hancock Avenue south of the High Water Mark. (39°48’40.5″N 77°14’08.7″W)