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The monument to the 52nd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment is south of Gettysburg on Sickles Avenue. (Sickles Ave. at the Rose Woods tour map)

Monument to the 52nd New York Infantry at Gettysburg

About the monument to the 52nd New York Infantry

The granite monument stands eleven feet tall. On its front is a bronze representation of crossed rifles, knapsack and canteen beneath the trefoil symbol of the Second Corps. On the cap of the monument is an inset round bronze tablet of the Seal of the State of New York. The monument was dedicated by the State of New York on July 3rd, 1893.

The 52nd New York at Gettysburg

The 52nd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Lieutenant Colonel Charles G. Freudenberg. He was wounded on July 2nd and Major Edward Venuti took command for a short time until he was killed. Captain William Scherrer then took over.

The 52nd brought 134 men to the field. It included a detachment of fifteen men from the 7th New York Infantry who had signed up for three years service and had been transferred in when the rest of their regiment had mustered out at the end of its two year term.

Official Records thumbnail
See Captain Scherrer’s Official Report on the 52nd New York at Gettysburg
2nd Corps Headquarters Flag 2C-1D

From the front of the monument

52nd N.Y. Infantry
3rd Brig. 1st Div. 2nd Corps
July 2nd 1863, 6 to 7 p.m.

From the rear of the monument

Killed 2, Wounded 26, Missing 10
Total Loss 38.

Right flank marker for the 52nd New York infantry at Gettysburg

Right flank marker for the 52nd New York

Location of the monument

The monument is south of Gettysburg in the Rose Woods on the east side of Sickles Avenue where it straightens out and turns north after the Loop. (39°47’50.7″N 77°14’44.4″W)