The Armies at Gettysburg > The Army of the Potomac > 2nd Corps

3rd Division (monument)
Brigadier General Alexander Hays (monument)
strength: 3,645 men
casualties: 240 killed, 985 wounded, 65 missing, 1,290 total

First Brigade (monument)
Colonel Samuel S. Carroll
strength: 940 men
casualties: 40 killed, 165 wounded, 5 missing, 210 total

14th Indiana Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel John Coons

4th Ohio Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Leonard W. Carpenter

8th Ohio Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Sawyer (wounded July 3)

7th West Virginia Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel jonathan H. Lockwood (wounded July 3)

Second Brigade (monument)
Colonel Thomas A. Smyth (wounded July 1)
strength: 1,105 men
casualties: 60 killed, 275 wounded, 25 missing, 360 total

14th Connecticut Infantry Regiment (monument)
Major Theodore G. Ellis

1st Delaware Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Edward P. Harris (arrested July 2)
Captain M.W.B. Ellegood (killed July 2)
Captain Thomas B. hizar (wounded July 2)
1st Lieutenant William Smith (mortally wounded July 3)
1st Lieutenant John T. Dent

12th New Jersey Infantry Regiment (monument)
Major John T. Hill

10th New York Infantry Battalion (monument)
Major George F. Hopper

108th New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Francis E. Pierce

Third Brigade (monument)
Colonel George L. Willard (killed July 2) (monument)
Colonel Eliakim Sherrill (mortally wounded July 3)
Colonel Clinton MacDougall
strength: 1,510 men
casualties: 140 killed, 540 wounded, 35 missing, 715 total

39th New York Infantry Battalion (Companies A-D) (monument)
Major Hugo Hildebrandt (wounded July 3)

111th New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Clinton MacDougall (^ July 2)
Lieutenant Colonel Isaac M. Lusk (wounded July 3)
Captain Aaron P. Seeley

125th New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Levin Crandall

126th New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Eliakim Sherrill (^ July 2)
Lieutenant Colonel James M. Bull (^ July 3)