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The monument to the Battery I, 5th U.S. Artillery is north of United States Avenue and east of the Trostle farm. (Hancock Avenue Part 1 tour map)

Lieutenant Malbone F. Watson commanded the battery at Gettysburg. He graduated with the West Point Class of May 1861 and was breveted captain for his actions at the Battle of Gaines’s Mill. Watson took command of the battery in December of 1862. He was badly wounded at Gettysburg, losing his right leg, and was breveted major for his conduct there.

Monument to the 5th United States Artillery, Battery I at Gettysburg

Monument to Battery I, 5th United States Artillery at Gettysburg

5th Corps Headquarters Flag

From the monument

Army of the Potomac
Fifth Corps
Artillery Brigade
Battery I
Fifth U.S. Artillery
Four 3 inch Rifles
Lieut. Malbone F. Watson commanding

July 2 About 4:30 p.m. arrived and took position north of Little Round Top 5:30 moved to the front at the Peach Orchard. On the advance of the Confederates driving back the infantry the Battery was retired across Plum Run near the Trostle House and fired shell and canister at the approaching Confederates until the Battery disabled by the loss of men and horses was captured by the 21st Mississippi Infantry. It was almost immediately recaptured with the assistance of the 39th New York Infantry and being unserviceable was taken to the Artillery Brigade.

Casualties Killed 1 man, wounded 1 officer and 18 men, missing 2 men

Location of the monument to Battery I

The monument to the Battery I, 5th United States Artillery is south of Gettysburg is 100 yards north of United States Avenue and 400 yards east of the Trostle farmhouse. (39°48’10.3″N 77°14’16.5″W)

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