The Armies at Gettysburg > The Army of the Potomac > 2nd Corps

2nd Division (monument)
Brigadier General John Gibbon (^ July 1, wounded July 3) (monument)
Brigadier General William Harrow
strength: 3,610 men
casualties: 335 killed, 1,200 wounded, 100 missing, 1,645 total

First Brigade (monument)
Brigadier General William Harrow (^ July 3)
Colonel Francis E. Heath (wounded July 3)
strength: 1,365 men
casualties: 145 killed, 575 wounded, 50 missing, 770 total

19th Maine Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Edward Francis Heath (^ July 3)
Lt. Colonel Henry W. Cunningham

15th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel George H. Ward (mortally wounded July 2) (monument)
Lt. Colonel George C. Joslyn

1st Minnesota Infantry Regiment (monument)
2nd Company Minnesota Sharpshooters attached
Colonel William Colville, Jr. (wounded July 2)
Lieutenant Colonel Charles P. Adams (wounded July 2)
Major Mark Downie (wounded July 2)
Captain Nathan S. Mesick (killed July 3)
Captain Wilson B. Farrell (mortally wounded July 3)
Captain Henry C. Coates

82nd New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel James Huston (mortally wounded July 2)
Captain John Darrow

Second Brigade (monument)
Brigadier General Alexander Webb (wounded July 3) (monument)
strength: 1,225 men
casualties: 115 killed, 335 wounded, 40 missing, 490 total

69th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Dennis O’Kane (mortally wounded July 3)
Lieutenant Colonel Martin Tschudy (wounded July 3)
Major James M. Duffy (wounded July 3)
Captain William Davis

71st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Richard Penn Smith

72nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Dewitt C. Baxter (wounded July 2)
Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Heiser

106th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel William L. Curry

Third Brigade (monument)
Colonel Norman J. Hall
strength: 920 men
casualties: 70 killed, 280 wounded, 15 missing, 365 total

19th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Arthur F. Devereux

20th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Paul J. Revere (mortally wounded July 2)
Lieutenant Colonel George N. Macy(wounded July 3)
Captain Henry L. Abbott

1st Massachusetts Sharp Shooter Company (monument)
Lieutenant Emerson L. Bicknell

7th Michigan Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Amos E. Steele (killed July 3)
Major Sylvanus W. Curtis

42nd New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel James E. Mallon

59th New York Infantry Battalion (companies A-D) (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Max Thoman (mortally wounded July 3)
Captain William McFadden