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The monument to the 2nd Delaware Volunteer Infantry Regiment at Gettysburg is on Brooke Avenue southeast of the Rose Farm. (Brooke Avenue tour map)

Monument to the 2nd Delaware at Gettysburg Infantry

Monument to the 2nd Delaware Infantry at Gettysburg

About the monument to the 2nd Delaware

The monument is carved from Brandywine Blue Granite from Delaware. It stands 7′ 9″ tall, rising from a base that is 3′ 3″ square to a shaft that is 2′ 2″ square. A cap at the top is fronted with the Second Corps trefoil symbol.

The diamond on the front of the monument does not refer to the symbol of the Third Union Army Corps as on many other Gettysburg monuments, but to Delaware’s nickname as the “Diamond State.”

The monument was erected in 1885 and dedicated on June 10, 1886. It was originally in the middle of the Wheatfield. in August of 1909 it was moved to its present location in the Rose Woods.

The 2nd Delaware at Gettysburg

Colonel William P. Baily commanded the 2nd Delaware Infantry at the Battle of Gettysburg. He was wounded on July 2nd and Captain Charles H. Christman took over.

In the afternoon of July 2nd Caldwell’s First Division was moved south from Cemetery Ridge to help stop the Confederate attack on Sickles’ Third Corps. The Second Delaware attacked south from the Trostle Woods across Wheatfield Road, angled across the Wheatfield and into the Rose Woods, driving back Confederates from Kershaw’s South Carolina Brigade.

The monument marks the furthest point in the Rose Woods reached by the regiment during its charge. The 2nd Delaware captured a number of Rebel prisoners here but came under heavy fire from front and flank. Colonel Baily was wounded and the regiment was forced to pull back in a fighting withdrawal to the Trostle Woods.

On July 3rd the regiment provided a skirmish line along the Second Corps front near the Bryan farm at the site of the position marker.

The 2nd Delaware Infantry brought 280 men to Gettysburg. Eleven men were killed, 61 were wounded and 12 missing.

2nd Corps Headquarters Flag Attached to the 4th Brigade1st Division2nd Corps, Army of the Potomac 2nd Corps 1st Division headquarters flag

From the main monument to the 2nd Delaware:

Position held by the 2nd Reg. Del. Vol. Infantry
4th Brig. 1st Div. 2nd Army Corps.
July 2nd 1863.

Erected by the State of  Delaware to commemorate
the gallantry of her sons A.D. 1885

Location of the main monument

The main monument to the 2nd Delaware Infantry is on Brooke Avenue southeast of the Rose Farm. Brooke Avenue is one way west and north and must be entered from the east on Cross Avenue via Sickles Avenue from the Devils Den or Ayers Avenue from Wheatfield Road. (39°47’41.5″N 77°14’48.5″W)

Skirmish Line Marker of the the 2nd Delaware Infantry

A marker showing the position of the regiment’s skirmish line during Pickett’s Charge is on Hancock Avenue southwest of the Brian Farm. (Hancock Avenue at Ziegler’s Grove tour map) It was also dedicated in 1886.

Skirmish line marker for the 2nd Delaware Volunteer Infantry Regiment on the Geysburg battlefield

From the skirmish line marker on Hancock Avenue:

Skirmish line of 2nd Reg. Del. Vols.
July 3rd 1863

Skirmish line marker for the 2nd Delaware Volunteer Infantry Regiment on the Geysburg battlefield

The 2nd Delaware is also honored by a monument at Antietam.

Location of the marker

The 2nd Delaware’s skirmish line marker is on the west side of Hancock Avenue about 160 feet south of the Brian barn. Hancock Avenue is one-way northbound. (39°48’54.0″N 77°14’07.7″W)