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Brooke Avenue is a continuation of Ayers and Cross Avenues, which move through the woods south of the Wheatfield. It continues north, one way, changing its name to De Trobriand Avenue until it ends at Sickles Avenue in the Wheatfield. Brooke Avenue is not on the National Park Auto Tour but can be reached from Ayers Avenue.

Colonel John R. Brooke’s brigade of the Second Corps crossed the Wheatfield and took a position at the edge of the Rose Woods in the face of the Confederate attack on the afternoon of July 2nd. But the Confederate brigades of Brigadier Generals Joseph Kershaw and Paul Semmes overlapped the Union line and eventually drove it back with great loss.

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Tour map of Brooke Avenue on the Gettysburg battlefield

Confederate headquarters
Kershaw’s Brigade, McLaws’ Division, 1st Corps
Semmes’ Brigade, McLaws Division,1st Corps

Union headquarters
2nd Corps, 1st Division, 4th Brigade

Union regimental monuments
27th Connecticut

2nd Delaware
53rd Pennsylvania
145th Pennsylvania
64th New York

monument to an individual
Captain Henry Fuller