The Armies at Gettysburg > The Army of the Potomac > 12th Corps

2nd Division (monument)
Brigadier General John Geary (monument)
strength: 3,965 men
casualties: 110 killed, 395 wounded, 35 missing, 540 total

1st Brigade (monument)
Colonel Charles Candy
strength: 1,800 men
casualties: 18 killed, 119 wounded, 2 missing, 139 total

5th Ohio Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel John H. Patrick

7th Ohio Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel William R. Creighton

29th Ohio Infantry Regiment (monument)
Captain Wilber F. Stevens (wounded July 2 & 3)
Captain Edward Hayes

66th Ohio Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Eugene Powell

28th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (monument)
Captain John Flynn

147th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (8 companies) (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Ario Pardee

2nd Brigade (monument)
Colonel Ashworth Cobham, Jr. (*see note at bottom)
Brigadier General Thomas L. Kane
strength: 700 men
casualties: 23 killed, 66 wounded, 9 missing, 98 total

29th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel William Rickards, Jr.

109th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (monument)
Captain Frederick L. Gimber

111th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Tomas M. Walker
Colonel Ashworth Cobham, Jr.

3rd Brigade (monument)
Brigadier General George Greene
strength: 1,425 men
casualties: 67 killed, 212 wounded, 24 missing, 303 total

60th New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Abel Godard

78th New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Herbert von Hammerstein

102nd New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel James C. Lane (wounded July 2)
Captain Lewis R. Stegman

137th New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel David Ireland

149th New York Infantry Regiment (monument)
Colonel Henry A. Barnum

*note: Brigadier General Thomas Kane was in the hospital in Baltimore with pneumonia at the start of  the Gettysburg campaign. He nevertheless rejoined the army and met up with his brigade by July 2. Too sick to take a fully active role, he was assisted by the senior colonel, Ashworth Cobham, Jr. of the 111th Pennsylvania.