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Lined with monuments, Slocum Avenue climbs the northern section of Culp’s Hill until just before it reaches its summit. Williams Avenue takes a shortcut to the west. Both are one-way north and west. The summit of Culp’s Hill is topped by a parking area and an observation tower that stands high above the surrounding trees.

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Tour map of Culp's Hill North on the Gettysburg battlefield

Union headquarters
6th Corps, 3rd Division, 1st Brigade
12th Corps, 1st Division, 2nd Brigade
12th Corps, 2nd Division
12th Corps, 2nd Division, 1st Brigade
12th Corps, 2nd Division, 3rd Brigade

monuments to individuals
Brigadier General John Geary

Brigadier General George Greene

Union regimental and battery monuments
7th Indiana

1st Maryland Eastern Shore
60th New York
65th New York
67th New York
76th New York
78th & 102nd New York
95th New York (marker)
122nd New York
137th New York
149th New York
150th New York
7th Ohio
29th Ohio
66th Ohio
23rd Pennsylvania
28th Pennsylvania
82nd Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Battery E
5th United States Battery K
6th Wisconsin

battlefield terrain features
Culp’s Hill – Observation