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The monument to the 7th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment is southeast of Gettysburg on Culp’s Hill, just north of the parking area. (North Culp’s Hill tour map)

Monument to the 7th Indiana Volunteers at Gettysburg

About the monument to the 7th Indiana

The regiment’s monument is carved from Quincy granite. It is eight feet tall. The front faces into the woods and away from the parking area. It has the full moon symbol of the First Corps at the top of the column. The Seal of the State of Indiana is on the side of the monument facing the parking lot. Three stacked muskets are on its east side. (The bison on the state seal is just one of a variety of animals depicted on Gettysburg monuments.) The State of Indiana dedicated the monument on October 28, 1885.

The 7th Indiana monument originally had a large cannonball at the top, similar to the 20th Indiana, only bigger. The regiment is also honored by a monument at Antietam.

The 7th Indiana at the Battle of Gettysburg

Colonel Ira G. Grover, a lawyer and state legislator from Greensburg, commanded the regiment at Gettysburg. It had 437 men on the field on July 3rd, of whom 2 were killed, 5 were wounded and 3 missing.

The 7th Indiana had been left behind at Emmitsburg on July 1st to guard the corps trains with orders to wait until relieved by one of Brigadier General Stannard’s Vermont regiments. By 10 a.m. no relief had arrived, but Colonel Grover decided to leave for the front anyway. On the way word came of the battle and the regiment hurried its march, reaching the battlefield in the early evening. They were posted on the north side of Culp’s Hill, going into line next to the survivors of the Iron Brigade.

This strong and fresh regiment added greatly to the security of Culp’s Hill that evening. Col. Grover was later brought before a court martial for abandoning his post guarding the trains, but was exonerated.

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See Colonel Grover’s Official Report on the 7th Indiana at the Battle of Gettysburg

1st Corps Headquarters Flag Attached to the 2nd Brigade1st Division, 1st Corps, Army of the Potomac 1C-1D

From the front of the monument:

7th Regt. Ind. Vol.
2nd Brig. 1st Div. 1st Corps.
July 1. 2. & 3. 1863


From the left side of the monument:

27 Battles
Philippi 1861 to Weldon R.R. 1864
Total Loss 235

Rear view of the monument to the 7th Indiana Volunteers at Gettysburg

Rear view of the monument to the 7th Indiana at Gettysburg

From the right side of the monument:


Location of the monument

The monument to the 7th Indiana Infantry is southeast of Gettysburg on the north side of the parking area on the Culp’s Hill summit. (39°49’13.1″N 77°13’13.8″W)

7th Indiana Infantry

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