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Huey’s 2nd Brigade was guarding trains at Westminster and was not on the Gettysburg battlefield. However two units in the 1st Brigade were at the battle even though they did not belong to the Army of the Potomac. The Purnell Legion and a section of the 3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery equipped and operating as light artillery had been guarding a river crossing in Maryland and had almost been snapped up by Stuart’s cavalry raid. They attached themselves to Gregg’s Division for safety as it went by and ended up at Gettysburg.

2nd Division (monument)
Brigadier General David McM. Gregg
strength: 2,615 men, 2 guns
casualties: 6 killed, 38 wounded, 12 missing, 56 total

Headquarters escort
1st Ohio Cavalry, Company A
Captain Noah Jones

1st Brigade (monument)
Colonel John B. McIntosh
strength: 1,310 men
casualties: 26 wounded, 9 missing, 35 total

1st Maryland Cavalry Regiment (11 companies) (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel James M. Deems

Purnell Legion (Maryland), Company A (monument)
Captain Robert E. Duval

1st Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment (temporarily attached to 6th Corps)

1st New Jersey Cavalry Regiment
Major Myron H, Beaumont

1st Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment (temporarily attached to Army Headquarters)

3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Edward S. Jones

3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, Battery H Section (monument)
Captain William Rank
2 3″ Ordnance Rifles

2nd Brigade (monument)
Colonel Pennock Huey
strength: 1,200 men
no casualties

2nd New York Cavalry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Henry E. Davies

4th New York Cavalry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Augustus Pruyn

6th Ohio Cavalry Regiment (monument)
Major William Stedman

8th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment (monument)
Captain William A. Corrie

3rd Brigade (monument)
Colonel J. Irvin Gregg
strength: 1,265 men
casualties: 6 killed, 12 wounded, 3 missing, 21 total

1st Maine Cavalry Regiment (11 companies) (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel Charles H. Smith

10th New York Cavalry Regiment (monument)
Major Matthew H. Avery

4th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel William E. Doster

16th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment (monument)
Lieutenant Colonel John K. Robinson