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The monument to the 12th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry is west of Gettysburg on Reynolds Avenue between the Railroad Cut and Chambersburg Road. (North Reynolds Avenue tour map) The monument was dedicated in 1891 by the State of Illinois.

Monument to the 12th Illinoic Cavalry at Gettysburg

The regiment had parts of five companies at Gettysburg. It was combined with the 3rd Indiana Cavalry under the command of Colonel George H. Chapman. The combined regiments totaled 588 men and lost 4 killed, 10 wounded and 6 missing.

From the front of the monument:

Illinois Cavalry

1st Brig. 1st Div.
Cav. Corps

First line of battle July 1, 1863. Held until relieved by 1st Corps
One Squadron picketing ridge east of Marsh creek met enemy’s left advance

Ferdinand Ushuer
Thos. G. Blanset
John Ellis
Gabriel B. Durham
Homer C. Stedman

Rear view of the 12th Illinois Cavalry Regiment on the Gettysburg battlefield

Rear view of the 12th Illinois Cavalry monument. The Thompson House (Lee’s Headquarters) is in the distance on the left/

From the rear of the monument:

Regiment retired to ridge on left rear, with Brigade fought dismounted, repulsing attacks of the enemy. Covered the withdrawal of line to Cemetery Hill and in the evening took position on left flank of the Army
July 2, 1863 Buford’s Division retired toward Westminster

Detail from the top of the monument to the 12th illinois Cavalry Regiment at Gettysburg.

Detail from the top of the monument.

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Location of the monument to the 12th Illinois Cavalry at Gettysburg

The monument is west of Gettysburg on the east side of Reynolds Avenue 70 yards north of Chambersburg Road (U.S. 30). (39°50’13.5″N 77°14’54.8″W)