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Organization of the Cavalry Corps of the Federal Army of the Potomac during the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. The Cavalry Corps had elements from 36 regiments and 9 artillery batteries at the Battle of Gettysburg, organized into 3 divisions of two or three brigades each and two artillery brigades.

Cavalry Corps (monument)
Major General Alfred Pleasonton

strength: 11,850 men, 52 guns
casualties: 85 killed, 325 wounded, 200 missing, 610 total

1st Division (monument)
Brigadier General John Buford (monument)
strength: 4,075 men
casualties: 22 killed, 88 wounded, 66 missing, 176 total

2nd Division (monument)
Brigadier General David McM. Gregg
strength: 2,615 men, 2 guns
casualties: 6 killed, 38 wounded, 12 missing, 56 total

3rd Division (monument)
Brigadier General Judson Kilpatrick
strength: 3,900 men
casualties: 53 killed, 181 wounded, 121 missing, 355 total

1st Horse Artillery Brigade (monument)
Capt. James M. Robertson
strength: 490 men, 28 guns
casualties: 2 killed, 6 wounded, 0 missing, 8 total

9th Michigan Battery (monument)
Captain Jabez J. Daniels
4 3″ Ordnance Rifles

6th New York independent Battery (monument)
Captain Joseph W. Martin
6 3″ Ordnance Rifles

2nd United States Artillery, Batteries B&L (monument)
st Lieutenant Alexander C.M. Pennington, Jr.
6 3″ Ordnance Rifles

4th United States Artillery, Battery E (monument)
1st Lieutenant Samuel S. Elder
4 3″ Ordnance RIfles

2nd Horse Artillery Brigade (monument)
Capt. John C. Tidball
strength: 435 men, 22 guns (140 men and 6 guns of 3rd U.S. Battery C not present at Gettysburg)
casualties: 2 killed, 13 wounded, 0 missing, 15 total

1st United States Artillery, Batteries E & G (monument)
Captain Alanson M. Randol
4 3″ Ordnance Rifles

1st United States Artillery, Battery K (monument)
Captain William M. Graham, Jr.
6 3″ Ordnance Rifles

2nd United States Artillery, Battery A (monument)
2nd Lieutenant John H. Calef
6 3″ Ordnance Rifles

3rd United States Artillery, Battery C (not at Gettysburg – detached guarding trains)
1st Lieutenant William D. Fuller
6 3″ Ordnance Rifles