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Organization of the 5th Corps of the Federal Army of the Potomac during the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. The 5th Corps had 35 infantry regiments and five artillery batteries, organized into three divisions of two or three brigades each plus an artillery brigade. Two brigades consisted entirely of United States Regulars.

5th Corps (monument)
Major General George Sykesstrength: 10,900 men, 26 guns

casualties: 365 killed, 1,610 wounded, 210 missing, 2,185 total

Headquarters escort

12th New York Infantry, Companies D & E
Captain Henry W. Rider

17th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Companies D&H
Captain William Thompson

1st Division (monument)
Brigadier General James Barnes (wounded July 2)
strength: 3,420 men
casualties: 165 killed, 595 wounded, 145 missing, 905 total

2nd Division (monument)
Brigadier General Romeyn B. Ayres
strength: 4,020 men
casualties: 165 killed, 800 wounded, 65 missing, 1,030 total

3rd Division (monument)
Brigadier General Samuel W. Crawford (monument)
strength: 3,965 men
casualties: 26 killed, 181 wounded, 3 missing, 210 total

Artillery Brigade (monument)
Captain Augustus R. Martin
strength: 485 men, 26 guns
casualties: 8 killed, 33 wounded, 2 missing, 43 total

3rd Massachusetts Battery (monument)
Lieutenant Aaron F. Walcott
6 Napoleons

1st New York Artillery, Battery C (monument)
Captain Almont Barnes
4 3″ Ordnance Rifles

1st Ohio Artillery, Battery L (monument)
Captain Frank C. Gibbs
6 Napoleons

5th United States Artillery, Battery D (monument)
Captain Charles E. Hazlett (mortally wounded July 2)
1st Lieutenant Benjamin F. Rittenhouse
6 10-pounder Parrott Rifles

5th United States Artillery, Battery I (monument)
st Lieutenant Malbone F. Watson (wounded July 2)
2nd Lieutenant Charles C. MacConnel
4 3″ Ordnance Rifles