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“Gibbs’ Battery”

The monument to Battery L of the 1st Ohio Light Artillery is south of Gettysburg on Little Round Top. (Little Round Top tour map) The State of Ohio dedicated the monument in 1887.

Monument to Battery L, 1st Ohio Light Artillery at Gettysburg

Monument to Battery L, 1st Ohio Light Artillery at Gettysburg

Captain Frank C. Gibbs commanded Battery L at the Battle of Gettysburg. It brought 121 men to the field serving six 12-pounder Napoleons, and lost two wounded.

5th Corps Headquarters Flag

From the front of the monument:

Captain F. C. Gibbs

L First Ohio Light Artillery
Artillery Brigade, Fifth Corps

Rear view of the Monument to Battery L, 1st Ohio Light Artillery on Little Round Top at Gettysburg

Rear view of the monument to battery L. 1st Ohio

From the back of the monument:

Battery L
1st Ohio Light Artillery
July 2. 3. 1863
Arriving on the field at 8 a.m. July 2, went into position under a  brisk skirmish fire on the extreme  right of Wolf Hill. Afterwards  moved to north slope of Little  Round Top, and there became hotly engaged with Longstreet’s Corps then trying to turn the left.  Held same position July 3.
This battery was recruited at  Portsmouth Ohio, in the Autumn  of 1861 by Captain L.N. Robinson.  Was mustered out July 4. 1865.  Took part in 12 important battles.

Erected by the State of Ohio

Location of the monument to Battery L, 1st Ohio Artillery

The monument to Ohio’s Battery L is on the south side of Gettysburg on the north slope of Little Round Top, about 95 yards west of Sykes Avenue and about 135 yards north of the statue of General Warren. (39°47’36.9″N 77°14’11.0″W)

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