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Little Round Top is the second highest point on the battlefield (after Big Round Top) and was one of the most strategic locations on the battlefield. The fight here on the second day was a turning point of the battle, and Union monuments are thickly clustered here.

Sykes Avenue runs one-way from south the south and the intersection of Warren Avenue and Wright Avenue, over the east flank of Little Round Top where there is sizable but often crowded parking area, and north to the intersection with Wheatfield Road where it continues north as Sedgwick Avenue. The National Park Auto Tour follows Sykes Avenue and then turns left on Wheatfield Road.

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Tour map for Little Round Top on the Gettysburg battlefield

5th Corps
 • 5th Corps Artillery Brigade • 5th Corps 1st Division 3rd Brigade • 5th Corps 2nd Division 3rd Brigade • Law’s Brigade, Hood’s Division, 1st Corps

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Hazlett & Weed
 • Strong Vincent • Gouverneur Warren

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20th Maine
 • Michigan Sharpshooters • 16th Michigan • 44th New York • 121st New York • 140th New York • 146th New York • Ohio Battery L • 5th Ohio • 83rd Pennsylvania • 9th Pennsylvania Reserves • 91st Pennsylvania • 98th Pennsylvania • 147th Pennsylvania • 155th Pennsylvania • 5th United States Artillery Battery D

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Signal Corps