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The Angle is the area on the west side of Hancock Avenue defined by the zigzag of a rock wall. It was the focal point of Pickett’s Charge on July 3rd. Here Confederate Brigadier General Armistead led the remnants of his brigade over that wall and briefly broke the Union line, which was restored in hand to hand fighting. The monuments are thickly clustered here.

This is one of the most heavily visited areas on the battlefield, especially in the afternoons during the summer.

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Tour map of hancock Avenue at The Angle on the Gettysburg battlefield

Union headquarters
Army of the Potomac

2nd Corps
2nd Corps Artillery Brigade
2nd Corps, 2nd Division, 2nd Brigade
2nd Corps, 3rd Division, 2nd Brigade

monuments to individuals
Lewis Armistead

Alonzo Cushing
George Meade
John Nicholson
Alexander Webb

Confederate regimental and battery monuments
26th North Carolina

Union regimental and battery monuments
14th Connecticut
1st Delaware
2nd Delaware
1st Massachusetts Sharp Shooters
3rd Maine
4th Maine
1st New York, Battery K
10th New York
11th New York Battery
39th New York
125th New York
1st Pennsylvania Cavalry
69th Pennsylvania
71st Pennsylvania
72nd Pennsylvania
106th Pennsylvania
Rhode Island Battery A
3rd United States Artillery, Batteries F&K
4th United States Artillery, Battery A

other monuments
The High Water Mark of the Confederacy

battlefield terrain feature
The Copse of Trees • 
The Angle