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Southeast of Gettysburg the high ground of Culp’s Hill and Cemetery Hill is connected by a low ridge dominated by a little knoll. Originally known as McKnight’s Hill, since the battle this high ground has been known as Stevens Knoll, after Captain Greenleaf Stevens, the commander of the 5th Maine Battery (Battery E, Maine Light Artillery) that occupied it and fought off Confederate General Jubal Early’s assault on the evening of July 2nd.

Few other monuments share the ridge, and traffic finishing its circuit of Culp’s Hill (both Slocum Avenue and WIlliams Avenue are one way to the west) rarely stops, making this area a bit of an oasis between often-crowded Culp’s and Cemetery Hills.

Tour map of the Steven's Knoll are on the Gettysburg battlefield

monument to an individual
Major General Henry Slocum

regimental and battery monuments
Steven’s 5th Maine Battery

33rd Massachusetts
24th Michigan
2nd Wisconsin
6th Wisconsin
7th Wisconsin

battlefield terrain feature
Steven’s Knoll