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“Stevens’ Battery”

The monument to the 5th Maine Battery is along Slocum Avenue on Stevens’ Knoll just north of General Slocum’s equestrian statue. (39.81935° N, 77.224564° W; Tour map: Stevens Knoll)


A marker on Seminary Avenue shows the battery’s position on July 1st. (39.833741° N, 77.244946° W; Tour map: Seminary Avenue; Google maps to both monuments)

The 5th Maine Battery was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Captain Greenlief Thurlow Stevens. He was wounded on July 2nd, and Lieutenant Edward N. Whittier took command. Whittier went on to be awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions at Fisher’s Hill in 1864.

The 5th Maine Battery brought 136 men to the field serving six twelve-pounder Napoleons. It suffered 3 killed, 13 wounded, and 7 missing.

1st Corps Headquarters Flag


From the front of the monument:

Stevens’ Battery 5th Maine, 1st Corps.
Fought here July 1,2,3, 1863.
Also engaged July 1st north of the Seminary.
Ammunition expended 979 rounds.

From the right side:

In the assault upon East Cemetery Hill in the evening of July 2nd, the enemy, (Hays’ and Hoke’s Brigades) exposed their left flank to Stevens’ Battery which poured a terrible fire of double canister into their ranks – Doubleday

From the left side:

Bull Run 2nd
Cold Harbor.
Fisher’s Hill.
Cedar Creek.

From the rear:

Bull Run 2nd.
1 officer and 3 men killed.
8 men wounded.
6 men missing.

6 men killed.
3 officers and 19 men wounded.

2 men killed.
2 officers and 11 men wounded.
6 men missing.

6 men wounded.

Cedar Creek.
2 men killed.
16 men wounded.

Marker for the 5th Maine Battery on the campus of the Lutheran Theological Seminary

Marker for the 5th Maine Battery on the campus of the Lutheran Theological Seminary

From the marker on Seminary Avenue:

Stevens’ Battery
5th Maine
July 1, 1863

Monument to the 5th Maine Artillery at Gettysburg

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