Other Monuments at Gettysburg

The Gregg Cavalry Shaft is east of Gettysburg on Gregg Avenue on the East Cavalry Battlefield. (East Cavalry Battlefield – south tour map) It stands where the countercharge of the 1st Michigan Cavalry Regiment under George Custer hit the charge of Stuart’s Confederate Cavalry.

The monument is about 29 feet tall and is made of New Hampshire granite. Although named after David McM. Gregg, the Union cavalry commander on the east flank, it was the first monument on the Gettysburg battlefield to honor both Union and Confederate units. The monument was dedicated on October 15, 1884.

The Gregg Cavalry Shaft at Gettysburg

From the monument

This shaft
marks the field of the engagement
between the
Union Cavalry
commanded by Brig. Gen. D. McM. Gregg
and the
Confederate Cavalry
commanded by Maj. Gen. J. E. B. Stuart.
July 3d, 1863.

Union Forces
1st Brigade, 2d Cavalry Division, Col. J. B. McIntosh;
3d Penna. Cavalry, Lt. Col. E. S. Jones.
1st New Jersey Cavalry, Maj. M. H. Beumont.
1st Maryland Cavalry, Lt. Col. J. M. Deems.

3d Brigade, 2d Cavalry Division, Col. J. irvin Gregg;
16th Penna. Cavalry, Lt. Col. J. K. Robison
4th Penna. Cavalry, Lt. Col. W. E. Doster
1st Maine Cavalry, Lt. Col. C. H. Smith
10th New York Cavalry, Maj. M. H Avery.

1st Mass. Cavalry, Lt. Col. C. S. Curtis;
Purnell Troop A, Md. Cavalry.
Co. A. 1st Ohio

2d Brigade, 3d Cavalry Division, Brig. Gen. G. A. Custer;
1st Mich. Cavalry, Col. C. H. Town
5th Mich. Cavalry, Col. R. A. Alger.
6th Mich. Cavalry, Col. Geo. Gray
7th Mich. Cavalry, Col. W. D. Mann.

Union Artillery
Randol’s Light Battery E, 1st U.S. Artillery.
Pennigton’s Light Battery M, 2nd U. S. Artillery
2nd Sec. Light Battery H, 3d Penna.

Confederate Forces. Cavalry.
Hampton’s Brigade, Brig. Gen. Wade Hampton
Fitz Lee’s Brigade, Brig. Gen. Fitz Hugh Lee
Jenkin’s Brigade, Col. M. L. Ferguson
W.H.F. Lee’s Brig., Col. J. R. Chambliss.

Virginia Battery
Breathed’s Maryland Battery
Griffin’s 2d

Location of the Gregg Cavalry Shaft at Gettysburg

The monument to the Greg Cavalry Shaft is east of Gettysburg on the East Cavalry Battlefield 50 yards north of Cavalry Field Road and about 0.25 mile west of Low Dutch Road. (39°49’35.1″N 77°09’46.8″W)