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West Confederate Avenue continues past the State of Virginia memorial, dips down to cross a broad swale that is a tributary of Marsh Creek, then climbs back up to its previous altitude while continuing past a side lane to the monuments to three Union units that skirmished with Longstreet’s men on July 2nd.

West Confederate Avenue is one way south bound at this point and is part of the National Park Auto Tour.

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Tour map of West Confederate Avenue Part 3 on the Gettysburg battlefield

state monuments
State of Florida
 • State of Virginia

Army of Northern Virginia • 
Anderson’s Division, 3rd Corps • Pickett’s Division, 1st Corps • Armistead’s Brigade, Pickett’s Division, 1st Corps • Garnett’s Brigade, Pickett’s Division, 1st Corps • Kemper’s Brigade, Pickett’s Division, 1st Corps • Perry’s Brigade, Anderson’s Division, 3rd Corps • Posey’s Brigade, Anderson’s Division, 3rd Corps • Wilcox’s Brigade, Anderson’s Division, 3rd Corps • Wright’s Brigade, Anderson’s Division, 3rd Corps

Confederate artillery markers
Brooke’s Battery
 • Madison Artillery • Pogue’s Howitzers