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The monument to the Army of the Potomac’s Engineer Brigade is south of Gettysburg on Pleasonton Avenue. (Pleasonton Avenue tour map) Like a number of units honored along Pleasonton Avenue, the engineers were not at Gettysburg but played an important part in the campaign.

Monument to the Engineer Brigade, Army of the Potomac

Monument to the Engineer Brigade, Army of the Potomac

From the monument

Army of the Potomac
Engineer Brigade
Brig. Gen. Henry W. Benham

15th New York (3 Companies)
Major Walter L Cassin

50th New York
Col. William H. Pettes

United States Battalion
Capt. George H. Mendell

Engaged in arduous duties from June 13 to July 18 1863 bridging rivers and transporting pontoons to enable the Army to cross the Potomac River and its tributaries into Pennsylvania and to recross into Virginia.

Brigadier General Henry Benham

Brigadier General Henry Benham commanded the Engineer Brigade during the Gettysburg Campaign. Benham (West Point Class of 1837) was a career engineer officer from Connecticut.

Union Brigadier General Henry Benham

Union Brigadier General Henry Benham

Location of the monument to the Engineer Brigade at Gettysburg

The monument is on the north side of Pleasonton Avenue about 160 yards east of Humphreys Avenue (39°48’28.9″N 77°13’58.7″W)