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Pleasonton Avenue was named after Major General Alfred Pleasonton, who commanded the Cavalry Corps of the Army of the Potomac. The Avenue is south of Gettysburg and connects Taneytown Road with (one-way northbound) Hancock Avenue. It is not on the National Park Auto Tour, which continues north on Hancock Avenue.

The area around the Pennsylvania Memorial is often busy. In addition to the grand view from the top of the Pennsylvania monument, the attractions include public restrooms on Humphreys Avenue.

Pleasonton Avenue has several monuments to units that played an important role in the Gettysburg campaign but were not at the battle, including the Engineers and the cavalry of Huey’s Brigade.

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Tour map of Pleasonton Avenue on the Gettysburg battlefield

state monument
State of Pennsylvania

Newton 1st Corps
 • Hancock 2nd Corps • Cavalry Corps • Cavalry, 2nd Division, 2nd Brigade • Cavalry, 1st Horse Artillery Brigade •  Artillery Reserve • Engineer Brigade

regimental and battery monuments
1st Minnesota Infantry
 • 2nd New York Cavalry • 4th New York Cavalry • 15th & 50th New York Engineers • 124th New York • 1st Ohio Cavalry • 6th Ohio Cavalry • 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry • 84th Pennsylvania • United States Engineer Battalion • 2nd U.S. Artillery, Batteries B&L • 1st West Virginia Cavalry

battlefield farm
Hummelbaugh Farm