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The monument to the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division 1st Corps is west of Gettysburg on Doubleday Avenue. (Doubleday – Robinson Avenues tour map) Brigadier General Henry Baxter commanded the brigade. He was a miller and militia captain from Michigan originally born in New York.

Monument to the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 1st Corps of the Army of the Potomac at Gettysburg

Looking to the west from Doubleday Avenue. The Confederate attack was moving from right to left across this field when they were surprised by the sudden appearance of the Union line on their flank.

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From the monument

Army of the Potomac
First Corps Second Division
Second Brigade
Brig. Gen. Henry Baxter
12th Mass 83d 97th New York
11th 88th 90th Pennsylvania Infantry

July 1. Arrived about noon took position on right of Corps on Mummasburg Road with Second Brigade First Division on left. Repulsed an attack of Col. O’Neal’s Brigade then changed front and with the assistance of Second Brigade First Division captured 1000 prisoners and three stand of colors of Brig. Gen. Iverson’s Brigade. Afterwards relieved by First Brigade and retired to the Railroad Cut to support Battery B 4th U. S. At 4 p.m. retired to Cemetery Hill and constructed breastworks. The 11th Penna. was transferred to the First Brigade.

July 2. About 10 A. M. relieved by Second Brigade Second Division Second Corps and placed in reserve. At 4 P. M. supported a battery of Eleventh Corps. At sunset moved to the support of Third Corps then returned to support of Eleventh Corps.

July 3. Moved to the rear of the cemetery early in the morning in support of Twelfth Corps. At 2 P. M. formed on right and rear of Third Division Second Corps and there remained until the close of the battle. The Brigade went into action with less than 1200 men.

Casualties Killed 7 Officers 3 Men Wounded 31 Officers 227 Men Captured or Missing 12 Officers 338 Men Total 648

Union Brigadier General Henry Baxter

Union Brigadier General Henry Baxter

Location of the monument to the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 1st Corps at Gettysburg

The monument to the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division of the 1st Corps is northwest of Gettysburg on the west side of Doubleday Avenue 250 yards south of Mummasburg Road. (39°50’33.6″N 77°14’32.6″W)