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1st Corps Headquarters Flag Attached to the 2nd Division, 1st Corps, Army of the Potomac 1C-2D


The monument to the 1st Brigade, 2nd Division of the 1st Corps is west of Gettysburg on Doubleday Avenue. (39.841489° N, 77.24287° W; Google map; Tour map: Doubleday & Robinson Avenues)

The brigade was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Brigadier General Gabriel Paul, a career army officer from Missouri. Paul was badly wounded in the face on July 1st that left him totally blind. Four colonels commanded the brigade for the rest of the battle, three of them being wounded.

Monument to the 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 1st Corps of the Army of the Potomac at Gettysburg

From the monument:

Army of the Potomac 
First Corps Second Division 
First Brigade
Brig. Gen. Gabriel R. Paul
Col. Samuel H. Leonard Col. Adrian R. Root
Col. Richard Coulter Col. Peter Lyle
16th Maine 13th Massachusetts
94th 104th New York 107th Penna. Infantry

July 1. Arrived about noon and went into position on the ridge near the Seminary and threw up Breastworks. About half past 2 p.m. moved to the right of Corps in support of Second Brigade. Repulsed repeated attacks and was engaged until 4 p.m. then retired to Seminary Ridge and constructed Breastworks. The 11th Penna. was transferred from the Second Brigade.

July 2. About noon relieved by Third Division Second Corps and went to rear in support of batteries on Cemetery Hill. At sunset moved to the left to support the Third Corps and returned to Cemetery Hill.

July 3. At 9 a.m. went to support of Twelfth Corps and at 3 P. M. to the left and took position on right of Second Corps in support of a battery and there remained until the close of the battle.

Casualties Killed 2 Officers 49 Men Wounded 36 Officers 321 Men Captured or Missing 40 Officers 593 Men Total 1041

Union Brigadier General Gabriel R. Paul

Union Brigadier General Gabriel R. Paul