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Sedgwick Avenue is named after Major General john Sedgwick, who commanded the 6th Corps. The Avenue runs one way north as a continuation of Sykes Avenue from its intersection with Wheatfield Road. At the intersection with United States Avenue it continues as Hancock Avenue.

Although Sedwick’s equestrian monument and headquarters marker are here, his 6th Corps was broken up as reserves and reinforcements all over the field after its arrival on July 2nd. He remarked at one point he had “not a man or gun under his command except for a few orderlies” and that “he might as well go home.”

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Tour map of Sedgwick Avenue on the Gettysburg battlefield

Union headquarters markers
Sykes’ 5th Corps Headquarters

Sedwick’s 6th Corps Headquarters
6th Corps
6th Corps Artillery
6th Corps, 1st Division
6th Corps, 1st Division, 1st Brigade
6th Corps, 1st Division, 2nd Brigade
6th Corps, 3rd Division
6th Corps, 3rd Division, 2nd Brigade
12th Corps, 2nd Division, 1st Brigade 

monument to an individual
John Sedgwick

Union regimental and battery monuments
1st Massachusetts Cavalry
7th Massachusetts Infantry
10th Massachusetts Infantry
37th Massachusetts Infantry
5th Maine Infantry
New Jersey Brigade
New York Light Artillery, Battery C 
1st Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company H
93rd Pennsylvania Infantry
95th Pennsylvania Infantry
2nd Rhode Island Infantry

battlefield farms
George Weikert Farm

Sedgwick Avenue on the Gettysburg battlefield

Six monuments and markers are concentrated along this short section of Sedgwick Avenue

Sedgwick Avenue sign on the Gettysburg battlefield