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The monument to the Tenth New York Independent Battery is south of Gettysburg on Wheatfield Avenue.(39.80064 N, 77.247102 W; Google map; Tour map: Sickles Avenue at Excelsior Field) It was erected by the State of New York in 1893.

Monument to the 10th New York Independent battery at Gettysburg

The battery at the time of Gettysburg was temporarily attached to the 5th Massachusetts Battery after heavy losses at Chancellorsville and was under the command of that battery’s Captain Charles Philips. The 10th New York was reconstituted as an independent command shortly after Gettysburg.

From the monument:

10th Independent Battery, New York Light Artillery,
1st Volunteer Brigade, Artillery Reserve. 
July 2nd 1863.

Attached to 5th Massachusetts Light Battery (E).

Casualties, killed 2, wounded 3.

Organized as the 2nd Excelsior Battery.
Mustered into U.S. Service April 9th, 1862.
Consolidated with 6th N.Y. Independent Battery June 21st, 1864.
Mustered out June 22nd, 1865.

Monument flanked by two 3" Ordnance Rifles

View of the monument flanked by two 3″ Ordnance Rifles. The Klingle farm is in the distance on the left. To its right over the barrel of the left gun is the 139th Pennsylvania Infantry monument. Farther right is the bullet-shaped 7th New Jersey Infantry monument. In the far right distance is the State of Pennsylvania monument, over half a mile away.

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