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“Clark’s Battery”

The monument to the Battery B 1st New Jersey Light Artillery, is south of Gettysburg on Sickles Avenue. (Sickles Ave. at Excelsior Field tour map) It was erected by the State of New Jersey in 1888.

A position marker is on the west side of Hancock Avenue south of the State of Pennsylvania monument showing the battery’s position on July 3rd. (Tour map: Hancock Avenue Pt. 1)

Monument to New Jersey Battery B at Gettysburg

Captain Adoniram Judson Clark commanded Battery B at the Battle of Gettysburg. It brought 143 men to the field serving six 10-pounder Parrott Rifles.

3rd Corps Headquarters Flag
Monument to New Jersey Battery B at Gettysburg

The monument flanked by two ten-pounder Parrott rifles. The monument to New York’s Excelsior Brigade is in the distance on the left

From the front of the monument

Clark’s Battery
Battery B
1st New Jersey Light Artillery
3d Corps
Fought here from 2 Until 7 O’Clock on July 2, 1863  firing 1300 rounds of ammunition
Losses, killed 1, wounded 16, missing 3.
Erected by the State of New Jersey 1888.

From the back

Mustered in Sept. 3, 1861,
Mustered out June 16, 1865.
Engaged in 26 battles including all the important
actions on the Peninsula,
Cold Harbor,

Marker for the 2nd New Jersey Battery at Gettysburg

From the marker on Hancock Avenue

Army of the Potomac
Third Corps

Artillery Brigade
New Jersey Light Artillery
2nd Battery
Six 10 pounder Parrotts
Captain A. Judson Clark Commanding

July 2 Engaged in the action in a field near the Peach Orchard retired to the rear about 6.30 p.m. for want of support.

July 3 In line here with the Artillery Brigade during the heavy cannonading and the charge and repulse of Longstreet’s Assault but was not engaged.

Casualties July 2nd Killed 1 man. Wounded 16 men. Missing 3 men. Total 20.

View of the marker for the 2nd New Jersey Battery on Hancock Avenue at Gettysburg

Location of the monument to Battery B, 1st New Jersey Artillery

The monument to the New Jersey’s Battery B is south of Gettysburg on the west side of Sickles Avenue 80 yards north of Wheatfield Road. (39°48’04.8″N 77°14’50.0″W)

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