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The monument to the Army of the Potomac’s Artillery Reserve is south of Gettysburg on Pleasonton Avenue at the intersection with Taneytown Road.(39.807678° N, 77.230526° W; Google map; Tour map: Pleasonton Avenue)

The Artillery Reserve was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Brigadier General Robert O. Tyler (USMA ’53), a career Army officer from New York.

Monument to the Artillery Reserve of the Army of the Potomac at Gettysburg

From the monument:

Army of the Potomac 
Artillery Reserve

Brigadier General Robert O. Tyler
Captain James M. Robertson

Headquarters Guard
Thirty Second Massachusetts Infantry Co. C
Captain Josiah G. Fuller

First Regular Brigade
Captain Dunbar R. Ransom
Four Batteries

First Volunteer Brigade
Lieutenant Colonel Freeman McGilvery
Four Batteries

Second Volunteer Brigade
Captain Elijah D. Taft
Four Batteries

Third Volunteer Brigade
Captain James F Huntington
Four Batteries

Fourth Volunteer Brigade
Captain Robert H. Fitzhugh
Five Batteries

Train Guard
Fourth New Jersey (Seven Companies)
Major Charles Ewing

Casualties Killed 2 Officers 41 Men Wounded 15 Officers 172 Men Captured or Missing 12 Men Total 242

Union Brigadier General Robert O. Tyler

Union Brigadier General Robert O. Tyler